Set up a unique Shoppable Link to your Bio on Instagram. It enables you to drive traffic and sales form your Instagram audience and lets your Fans buy whenever they're ready.

With LINK2BUY you will start your INSTA SHOP in a snap!

Here your uniqe Shoppable Link will appear:


Set up a uniqe SHOPPING LINK in BIO of Instagram profile. It directs followers to an Interactive Gallery created from your feed photos.

This is how your INSTA-SHOP in Link2Buy looks like. Your Logo and name is exactly the same as on Instagram.

Here you will see all the marked in Link2Buy Panel pictures. Now their become products to sell.

In easy way clients can find products they like and after clicking on it will be redirected to a product page in your store.

Your Fan can log into your INSTA SHOP. He than sees all the products images that have liked on your Instagram Feed.
From now on, whenever he likes a post on your feed he will receive an email with the information (link) where to buy that product!


Shopping Gallery is made from your marked photos that's now become products. When they click on the image Your fans are redirected to a product in your online store.

Once your Fan clicks on the chosen photo he is forwarded to your e-commerce site. From this point there is only checkout to become your client.


Once your Fan click on the picture he likes, he lands on the designated product page in your store. From now there are only a few steps away from the purchase.

Start Selling on INSTAGRAM today!