Why should I use Link2Buy ?

Are You managing an Instagram account of your company? You probably notice comments left under Your pictures saying: ‘Where can I buy this?’, ‘How much does it cost?’ You receive a lot of likes, but you don’t know what happens after with the fans that likec and commented on Your pics? You’d like to finally be able to measure the real impact of Instagram on Your business? Link2Buy allows to direct Instagram traffic towards Your online store, increasing sales and revenue. Link2Buy converts followers into clients, likes into traffic and sales.

How to create the Link2Buy account?

All You need to do is register for a 7-day trial using Your company’s details. Afterwards, You will receive an e-mail with a link confirming Your registration. Next up, our system will request You to click the “CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNT WITH INSTAGRAM” button. Following this, You will be able to start using the Link2Buy app by marking Your pictures and posts.

How will I connect my Instgram Pics with my online Store?

Instagram pictures can be linked with an e-shop using TAGGING. In the ‘MEDIA’ section, located in the dashboard, click the DOWNLOAD PICTURES button. The app will download 28 of the most recent pics from Your Instagram profile. In the next step, click on the product picture and fill out the information: the name of the product, short description, link to the product, name of the button, which will encourage viewers to enter the page in the mail-to-buy service. Remember, that when You first log in, You will have to MARK/TAG the pictures, which are meant to become PRODUCTS that will begin directing traffic from Instagram towards Your e-shop. It’s best to mark at least 18 pictures and begin from the oldest picture, to create a faithful copy of Your Instagram. Every time You add a new picture/post on Instagram, it will also appear in the administration panel. Remember to MARK the pictures right as you add them. Our panel is extremely responsive and easy to use, so it can also be done using a smartphone or a tablet.

I managed to mark/tag all the photos but nothing happened on my Instagram. Why is that?

Integrating Your Instagram account with the Link2Buy app doesn’t mean we can change anything about Your profile. Only You can change the settings. Take the following steps: If You have marked the pictures, the unique selling link l2b.uy/yourname should be visible in the top part of the administration panel. You should put that link in Your Instagram bio. All You have to do is: Enter the ‘Edit Profile’ section on Instagram, edit your account info and paste the l2b.uy/yourname link in the ‘website’ section. It’s the only clickable place on Instagram. From now on you can begin using it to it’s full potential, referencing it in every single of Your Instagram posts.

Can I mark a single picture with many different products?

Of course. All You need to do is press the ‘plus’ while MARKING the product in order to generate another field in which You can reference a product. You can also always delete the marking in the ‘Products’ section. Remember that when we mark a single picture 2 times and then proceed to click on it, a pop-up will appear showcasing info about all of the marked products.

I have successfully signed up for a trial period, but I’m having troubles with marking my pictures. Why is that?

Check if Your Instagram account is set up to be public. We don’t have the ability to download pictures to Your administration panel from a private profile.

How does Mail-2-Buy works?

Your followers can receive an e-mail with information about the product that they’ve liked. All they need to do is register in the LOG IN tab after entering your PURCHASING LINK. After registering, every time Your follower likes one of Your pictures, he will receive an e-mail containing information about the shown product with a purchasing link. It’s a great way to remind people about your products outside of Instagram.

How is the subscription fee decided?

The subscription fee depends on the amount of followers Your Instagram profile has, the amount of features that You’d like to have and also the length of the agreement. The longer the deal, the lower the price.