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We created the TOOL with which You can manage sales campaigns on Instagram. Also we could build for you higher reach of Followers and engagement of Your Posts. Try us now. You can only WIN! 

With our team, customers and business partners, we strive for a relationship based on commitment and perseverance, mutual trust and transparency of business.

LINK2BUY founded two creative guys from the central Poland. Chris and Arek are passionate about social marketing and created many succesfull projects in the past. We decided to take advantage of the changes that the end of 2015 introduced Instagram. We build a simple to use application that finally takes full advantage of the Instagram business potential. A large part of its users are the owners of online shops and bloggers. It is with them in mind we created our solution.

For our customers, we also conduct campaigns to increase their Followers count and Fans engagement in commenting the brand posts. We created a network of the most influential Instagrammers in Poland and the abroad. We can guarantee (also for the beginners) an increase in the number of Real Fans by min. 1,000 during the first month and the number of likes posts in the amount of 100 each day. It's all in the price 149 USD a month. The first seven days you get free. Write to us at and refer campaigns.


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