In today’s blog post, a couple of tips for the begginers of Instagram. We are showcasing the six most common mistakes made not only by the freshest of Instagram users. Remember, sometimes less is more!

  1. You can only make a first impression once! Remember? The first few words, gestures will tell everything about You. Heed the same rule on Instagram. Make sure that Your profile picture attracts attention, and that Your BIO is lively and inviting. You could use emotes to achieve that.
  2. Don’t flood Your Feed. Some of Your potential followers check Instagram only once a day, therefore they have to check a lot of content. Keep that in mind, and upload a maximum of three posts a day with a gap of at least three hours between them. If Your fans see 5 posts in a row made by the same user, there is a large chance that You will be seen as a spammer, and Your followers could press the UNFOLLOW button.
  3. It’s allowed, and even often practiced to invite someone to check Your profile out and to ask him what does he think about one of Your pictures. Start doing that. On the other hand, it’s discouraged to mark someone on Your picture without interacting with him beforehand. It’s also a mistake to ask someone to either follow Your account outright, or to have that person promote Your brand without getting to know him or her first. You risk tarnishing Your image.
  4. Invest some time and money (not much is required) in order to learn how to take good pictures and how to edit them. Try to keep Your entire gallery in the same tone. You will find a lot of how-to’s and tutorials online about it. Spend some time to master it. It’s worth it. Learn how to title and describe Your posts in a witty and/or inspiring tone. Remember, that You have but a single chance to make a ‘First impression’. Your Instagram gallery (especially Your 9 most recent pictures) should always look in such a way, that will make Your visitors feel inspired and willing to return to it every day.
  5. You’ve surely heard about how you should use TAGS that are currently most popular? Is it surely the way to go? In case of already established brands that is surely the right tactic, but for an aspiring Instagrammer, a different way is preferred. As someone once said: ‘Searching somewhere where no one else does multiplies the chance to achieve success’, that rings true in this case, and we recommend this path. Tagging a picture with a hashtag that covers a million of different posts will give Your picture less than a few seconds of exposure, causing it to get lost in the crowd. If You need likes, comments and new followers, tag Your pictures with unique hashtags – the ones that will give Your posts exposure and appreciation.
  6. Don’t ignore users that have liked and commented under Your posts. Interact with them. If they will begin to feel that You appreciate their likes and comments, they will become Your followers. You can also like and comment back on their posts.